IFCL Group provides management and strategic business solutions based on well over 100 man-years years of experience in strategic and operational problem-solving for major clients internationally.  Our clients have ranged from commercial to multilateral development banks to leading fund managers, pension funds, multinational corporations, and non-profits / foundations managing both their own programs and programs for government agencies.

Our specialty is the cost-effective and efficient management of complex programs comprising multiple projects in multiple locations with significant decision support, monitoring & evaluation data management challenges.  Our experience is global, with engagements spanning North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa, and we thrive on the most complex programs operating with many funding sources in many countries with multiple targets and evaluation criteria.

We are based in both Washington DC and Manila to be able to closely support North American clients in person, while providing data management support from Manila.  Depending on client requirements, data can be securely maintained on both dedicated in-house physical servers in the US and Manila, and cloud (AWS Singapore) servers.

Our services include:

  • Bespoke and off-the-shelf subscription-based software and services for program and portfolio management powered by our proprietary IFCL INDEX platform;
  • Management of program, project and business data ranging from financial to performance / impact targets to geo-tagged / GIS data, extracting true intelligence to support rapid and well-informed best judgement decision-making in mission critical situations;
  • Specialized management and analysis of national debt and government accounting data in the context of multilateral interventions, operations, and support program;
  • Legacy client data conversion and migration;
  • Custom data analytics to streamline both one-off and recurring reporting;
  • Ongoing monitoring, data-gathering and data-grooming; and
  • Monitoring services for complex multi-source data including from devices and sensors.